We’re continuously looking for partnership and joint venture opportunities that are a “win-win” for everyone involved. Below are some examples of business opportunities working with Zip Kit Homes. If any of these sound interesting to you please contact us.

1. Land Owners: You probably already know that it’s much easier to sell a home or cabin on a lot than sell a building lot by itself. Based on past experience, we are certain that there is an enormous untapped market for affordable, small vacation homes. Many people would like to own a cabin or vacation home but simply cannot afford a $300,000+ cabin. Our homes work perfect for cabin lots, ski resorts, remote locations, desert locations, etc.

2. As an Investment Property: These homes are built fast and affordable. They make great monthly rental in college towns, remote mining and oilfield towns etc. In addition, they make great nightly rentals in remote camping areas, vacation spots and ski towns.

3. Homebuilders looking for additional income and floor plans to add to your existing business. This is a simple, low-stress way to expand your business and generate additional income.

4. Real Estate Sales Professionals. Let us know if you are interested in selling our homes or if you know of land developments that we could partner with. You could make some money putting a deal together.