Your moduler factory partner

  • Faster Production Schedule
  • On Budget And Schedule.
  • Quicker Roi
  • Higher Quality
  • Cleaner, More Organized Jobsite
  • Complete Gc Services In Utah And Idaho
  • Use Your Architect Or Ours.


  1. Rapid delivery and onsite construction.   We  build modular units and wall panels as the site work is being completed. As soon as the cement dries, we are setting completed units.
  2. Predictable timelines and budgets.  We can control our cost and timelines much better in a controlled environment.  This allows us to meet budgets and timelines.  No more behind schedule and over budget.
  3. Quicker ROI – A much faster construction process = faster project completion and ROI.
  4. High Quality – Modular homes are built out of the weather, in a controlled environment so quality issues are reduced.  We can also use materials more efficiently resulting in less waste and a more sustainable project.
  5. Cleaner jobsite – Your jobsite will generate up to 10X less waste because most of the production is done offsite in a controlled factory.
  6. Complete General Contracting serviceThis is a MUCH simpler solution.  Most other modular homes manufactures only offer the modules.  All the onsite work is done by other contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors.  This complicates the build process and leads to unclear scope of work and finger pointing when issues arise.
  7. Design and Engineering. We provide complete design and engineering services so your homes or multi-family project will meet all snow loads, wind speed, seismic and all design criteria specific to your location.  We also customize homes to meet your specific project needs – esthetic, lot sizes, view corridors, zoning and HOA requirements, etc.