We cannot be everything for everybody.

Our homes are not for everyone. We get MANY inquiries asking us to do things that we do not offer. To be very clear up front, we CANNOT be your general contractor, we do not offer custom homes and we cannot give you a price to build your home from start to finish. Our solutions are great for some projects, but not the right fit for other projects. Please read below so you understand what we offer.

What we do offer:

  1. Small modular homes built to the IRC building code and are set on your foundation. – See our gallery of modular homes we offer.
  2. RVIA certified modular container homes
  3. Complete floor plans and a “builders packet” – so you can build your own home or find your own general contractor to build from our floor plans.
  4. Panelized framing kits. This can be a great option in expensive and hard-to-build areas such as ski resort towns and remote cabin locations.

What we do not offer:

  1. General contracting services. We CANNOT be the general contractor for your home.
  2. Complete estimate to build your home – start to finish.
  3. Custom floor plans. We only sell our floor plans. We do not customize floor plans.
  4. Additions to your existing home.
  5. Help you find a general contractor in your area.