FAQ - Floor Plans and Builder Packets

Yes. The easiest way to schedule a tour is to fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to get more information from you and schedule a model home tour.

Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We will contact you within 24 hours and get you in touch with the right salesperson who can answer the questions you have. Filling out the form helps us be prepared to answer the right questions about the home you are interested in.


That depends on our production schedule and current production backlog.  Sometimes we can ship homes in as little as a few weeks.  For bigger projects, or if we have a full production schedule, our lead time could be 6 months to a year.   We have limited production capacity in our factory in Cedar City UT. 

We currently only have two partners, one in Western Colorado and another in Eastern Idaho. 

We can for projects with 10+ units.  For single family units or projects with less than 10 units,  we do not offer general contracting services. 

Click on that floor plan you are interested in > then “Options and Colors”, submit and fill out the form and send to us.  We’ll ge back to you within 24 hours.  You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we can send you more information about any of our floor plans. 

The panelized kits do not need to be inspected in the factory.  After the wall panels are assembled, the local building inspector will do the inspections.  The wall panels are open on the inside and the inspector can see all the framing, nailing, etc.  For that reason all panelized kits are only inspected by your local building official. 

Generally the panelized kits are set on a concrete slab.  However, they can also be set on a crawlspace or basement.  The main level sub floor would need to be completed before our kit arrives or we can incorporate the additional cost into the cost of the kit. 

Yes, as long as they are willing to work with our required payment schedule – See next questions about payment schedule.  

  1. 45% deposit to purchase all long lead time items like window, exterior doors and speciality lumber productions.  
  2. 45% when the panelized kit is completed in the factory and ready to ship.
  3. The final 10% is due when the panelized kit is shipped or all assembled if we have included the onsite assembly in the final price  

We have a small factory in Cedar City UT.

3665 South 2600 West
Cedar City Utah 84721

It’s a 2-1/2 hour drive north of Las Vegas NV and a 3 hour drive south from Salt Lake City UT.

We do not currently work in California, but may work there in the future.   

Contact us and fill out the basic form or send us an email.  We’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.  Pricing depends on location

NO. Manufactured homes are built to a less stringent building code (HUD Code). Zip Kit Homes are built to the same building code as any other site-built home or commercial building (IRC or IBC latest codes). As far as banks, lenders and appraisers are concerned, the home is NO DIFFERENT than any site-built home.

We build your project according to the International Residential Code (IRC) or the International Building Code (IBC). These are the same building code as most site-built homes in the United States and are the highest standard. This allows you to qualify for FHA and USDA financing at low interest rates. This also ensures a higher resale value of your home. 

Currently we only offer the homes listed on our website. We do not build custom homes. If you are looking for multiple homes or a multi-family housing project, we can customize the homes to fit your specific circumstances and land. Contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

Yes. Our homes generate about 80% less waste than standard site-built homes. In addition, because we focus on energy efficiency, your home will require less energy and natural resources to maintain and enjoy.

That depends on the home, where it is going, etc. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with shipping cost, etc

Over 20 years as a general contractor. We’ve built over 500 homes. We’ve been building prefab kit homes since 2009.

We offer quantity discounts for larger projects (10+ units).  

We offer a full warranty against manufacturer’s and quality defects. 

Yes, Only if your project is 10 or more units we can offer custom floor plans. For purchases less than 10 units we do not offer custom floor plans.  

Only to a limited degree. We will work with your designers to try and maximize the best views, etc

Yes. All interior wall panels and pre-built stairs are pre-built and included in the kit. They are framed panels only. No drywall is installed.

No, the wall panels come with open cavities on the interior so your local plumber, electricians and HVAC contractors can run all their pipes, wires and ducts through the walls, framing, etc.  Therefore, no insulation can be included in the panelized kit.  You will do that locally.  

No. the panelized kit is framed wall and roof panels only.  No insulation, mechanical or drywall is included as part of the kit.  All of that is completed onsite by you or your local general contractor and is not part of our scope of work or what we provide. 

Just like any other home.  You can see open studs after the home is set.  Local subcontractors will drill through the studs and all MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) is completed onsite just like any other home

That depends on the size of the home. Most exterior shell kits are completed in less than one week.

No.  However, depending on the location, we can get you a price for install.

Only in Utah and Idaho.  We are only licensed in the states of Idaho and Utah so we cannot send our crews to set the homes outside of those two states because we are not legally licensed to work in those states.  It also depends on your location and availability of our crews.  

No. Shipping is not included in the price.  The price depends on location, distance, size of the panelized kit, etc.