A simple way to get an energy efficient, sustainable home or investment property.

We build small, prefab homes as modular units in a controlled factory. This allows us to increase quality and decrease costs. If you are looking for a cost effective way to get a high quality, sustainable home - you’ve found the right place! The homes are a great solution for narrow building lots, affordable small homes, vacation homes, rental units, student housing, investment properties, remote locations, etc.

Check out our floor plans, pricing, features and options.

Find out how to partner with us to sell or rent our homes. A great option for ski towns, college towns and resort areas.

We offer solutions for housing authorities, land developers, work force housing, and recreational housing and cabins.

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ZipKit Homes

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Possible Uses

  • Remote Cabins
  • Rental Units (Ski, Vacation, College, etc).
  • Hunting and Fishing Lodges
  • Indian Reservations
  • Campgrounds
  • ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units)
  • Guest Home (for the in-laws or adult kids).
  • Prepper / Survival Cabins


I've built a lot of homes the old fashioned way - out in the weather, one piece at a time - and the Zip Kit Way - prefab modules. The materials used are exactly the same but the way they build is more advanced. In my opinion the quality of construciton is higher then normal built homes. The subs love working on Zip Kit Homes because everything is straight and square. It makes everyone's job much easier!
Kory Goodwin, Streamline Construction.
The Zip Kit modular system is great - especially in the winter! It's SO MUCH better then building piece by piece. It's faster, more accurate and you get fewer weather related quality issues.
Ryan Stubbs, Briggs Construction.
We love our Zip Kit home! We looked all over for a high quality home that fit our budget and were lucky enough to find this home. The quality and finishes are better then most new custom homes. It is also so energy efficient! I love the design and low monthly heating cost.
Chris and Erin Nester.

I want to let you know how appreciative I have been of you and your team in building, delivering and placing my Zipkit home. It is rare to meet people and a company that are worthy of complete trust. You guys really came through and went well beyond my expectations and provided an amazing value. First in carefully getting the home into a very challenging location and then taking care of all the details big and small. It really came together right as I would have hoped and in-spite of a site with unique challenges. It is very exciting to instantly have a comfortable place to gather my family together on a remote site.

Thanks and please send any perspective customers my way and I can assure them you are a great choice as a builder.

Bob Macfarlane, Homebuyer.
We found the perfect solution in Zip Kit Homes. I think the quality of our new home exceeds most custom homes. We were amazed at how fast and professional the Zip Kit team was. They did exactly what they promised. In less then 2 months we have an amazing new, energy efficient home.
Caden and Megan Anderson.
Zip Kit Homes was the perfect solution for our 2nd home in Torrey UT. We decided to go with Zip Kit Homes because winter was coiming fast and we needed something that was high quality, built fast and a great design. Zip Kit Homes was exactly that. Their "menu" approach to ordering allowed us to customize the home to fit our style. The home is high quality, was built very fast and the construction team was very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.
Robert Marc and Ann Torrence.